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Delhi Police arrests two men for robbing mobile trader

Delhi Police has arrested two men from Barmer, Rajasthan for robbing mobile trader of Rs 35 lakhs, an official said.

He said that the accused spent Rs three lakhs on folk dancers in Jaisalmer.

The accused were identified as Dilip Kumar (31) and Rajnish a.k.a Manish (37).

Police said that, on October 5, a complainant named Chaman Dewas, who is a mobile trader in Karol Bagh, Delhi, reported an incident at the Karol Bagh Police Station in Delhi.

The complainant alleged that one of his employees, Dilip, had been working in his office for the past four months. On October 3, Dilip absconded after stealing Rs 35 lakh in cash from the office.

“Following the theft, he turned off his mobile phone, and despite the complainant’s efforts to locate him, Dilip could not be found,” the Deputy Commissioner of Police (central) Sanjay Kumar Sain said.

“The accused and his family members were put under technical surveillance. Although Dilip’s mobile phone was switched off, it emerged that a new mobile number from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, had been in contact with the accused wife,” said the DCP.

The call details of this new mobile number were obtained, and the current location of Dilip was determined. Since the accused was approximately 900 kilometres away from Delhi, the local police in District Barmer, Rajasthan, were contacted, and information about the accused was shared.

“Meanwhile, based on the shared information, the accused was apprehended and arrested by Dhorimanna police station in District Barmer. A sum of Rs 10 lakh in cash was recovered from his possession,” said the DCP.

On October 6, a team from Karol Bagh Police Station went to Rajasthan, and accused Dilip was interrogated and arrested in the case.

“During the interrogation, Dilip disclosed that he had been working in a mobile screen trading office owned by Chaman Dewas in Karol Bagh for the last four months,” said the DCP.

On October 3, he noticed a huge accumulation of cash, Rs 35 lakh, in the office’s almirah, which made him greedy, and he stole Rs 35 lakh from his owner’s office.

“Following the theft, Dilip hired a taxi from Karol Bagh to Jaipur. On the way, he purchased an iPhone 15 Pro for himself and a Samsung phone valued at Rs 40,000 for the taxi driver. He also obtained a new SIM card and contacted his wife. He visited various places, including Jaipur, Pali, and Jaisalmer, where he spent approximately Rs four lakh on expenses such as food, beer, dance, hotels, and taxi services. Furthermore, he revealed that the taxi driver withdrew Rs 20 lakh from his bag,” said the DCP.

During further investigation, the details of the taxi driver were collected, and another team was tasked with tracing the taxi driver in Delhi.

“The taxi driver, Rajnish, was apprehended and interrogated. He admitted to seeing the bag of accused Dilip, which contained a significant amount of cash. Consequently, he bought three beers for Dilip and got him intoxicated. During this time, he stole Rs 20 lakh from Dilip’s bag. Based on his information, a sum of Rs 17.5 lakh in cash and his taxi, an Innova, were recovered and seized,” said the DCP.



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