Delhi Police files FIR against astrologer, IIT maintenance head for content piracy

Delhi Police have filed an FIR against an astrologer and head of maintenance at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, over content piracy for a book the two men have authored, a senior official said.

The senior police official said that on the basis of a complaint filed by Umang Taneja, the author of the book ‘Accurate Predictive Methodology’, the FIR was registered on December 6, 2022 against Rahul Kaushik, purveyor of modern analytics in Jyotish, and Anuj Gaur, head of maintenance at IIT Delhi, under Section 63 of the Copyright Act at the Tilak Nagar police station.

Taneja in his statement claimed that the content of his book, which has been in circulation since 1999 and is also translated into Hindi and Spanish languages, was copied by Rahul and Anuj in their book titled, “KP Astrology-The Hidden Secrets”.

Taneja also stated that despite agreeing to withdraw the book from circulation after the complaint, Rahul did not comply and took no action and instead claimed that he authored the book under the guidance of K.N. Rao, who teaches astrology.

“Rahul agreed to withdraw the book from the market on October 31, 2022 within a month and I agreed if he withdraws the book my complaint filed on March 6, 2020, should be deemed withdrawn. Unfortunately, he did not withdraw the book from the market. Hence, I had to pursue my case further and an FIR was lodged on both the accused,” said Taneja.

The police official said that they are looking into the matter.




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