Delhi Police personnel undergo training in crowd control


Keeping in view the current scenario and the past few years’ law and order situation, the Delhi Police is organising a training programme on Crowd Control and Public Order Management for Delhi Armed Police personnel.

This training programme is first of its kind in the history of Delhi Police in which all the police personnel of Delhi Armed Police will be trained in all technical strategies of crowd control along with modern weapons and special techniques.

The first batch of 75 police personnel are being trained from March 22 to April 6 at RAF Academy of Public Order (RAPO), Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

Apart from this, the police personnel will be trained in psychology, public and police relations, communal harmony, various case studies, fire fighting technique, less lethal weapon and ammunition handling, new special devices, anti riots drill, human rights and more.

“In the process of briefing, the selected police personnel were encouraged to keep proper discipline and obtain training by collecting information from the institute. This training will help the police personnel for proper handling the law and order situation and enabling them in countering sensitive situations such as riots and protests effectively,” said a senior police officer.