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Delhi Police Special Cell, senior officers reach Parliament

A team of Delhi Police’s Special Cell and senior officers arrived at Parliament where two men were caught who jumped into the Lok Sabha premises from the visitors’ gallery on the solemn occasion of the 22nd anniversary of 2001 Parliament attack.

The incident ignited apprehensions about the effectiveness of the security checks within the parliamentary complex.

The duo, apprehended by the security agencies, were found to be carrying smoke flares. A video circulating on social media revealed that one of the individuals was using a yellow-coloured flare, skillfully navigating from seat to seat within the hallowed hall of the Lok Sabha.

Astonishingly, the smoke flare was cleverly concealed in the individual’s shoes, escaping the scrutiny of initial security checks.

Adding a puzzling layer to the incident, it has been disclosed that the duo entered the highly secured premises on the recommendation of a Member of Parliament.

A slip recovered from one the accused showed the name of Sagar Sharma and recommendation of an MP from South India.

This revelation has prompted questions about the vetting process for visitor access, and calls for a reassessment of security protocols.

Sources said that the duo will also be questioned by Special Cell and other security agencies.

More details are awaited.

Delhi Police have also detained two protesters, a man and a woman, who were protesting with colour smoke flares outside Parliament on Wednesday, an official said.

The duo has been identified as Neelam, a resident of Hisar in Haryana and ⁠Amol Shinde, a resident of Latur, Maharashtra.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (New Delhi) Pranav Tayal said that the incident happened outside Parliament in front of Transport Bhawan which is a running road.

“If the protesters are connected to each other, it will be known after questioning, and their motive behind the act is yet to be ascertained,” said the sources.



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