Delhi Police takes note of cops using ‘political influence’ for postings


Delhi Police have taken serious cognizance of its personnel bringing “outside or political influence” for their transfers and postings in the department.

The department has issued instructions recently to curb this practice that has become increasingly common among the police personnel in the national capital.

“A large number of written recommendations from various political persons are being received for transfer or postings of officers and men. The time has come to put an end to this practice in the interest of our uniformed and disciplined force,” Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana said in an order accessed by IANS.

Under section 13 of Delhi Police rules, he said, the police officers of all ranks are forbidden from approaching officials of other departments or non officials for support in pressing individual claims in the matter of promotion, transfer, punishment, appeal or any other matter connected with their service. “Any violation of this rule shall be punishable under Section 21 of the Delhi Police Act, 1978,” he added.

Now as per the procedure laid down by the Delhi Police chief, if any request or recommendation regarding transfer or posting of any police personnel is received by police headquarters or any office, a copy of such letter will be placed on the police personnel’s personal file.”

A copy of the said letter shall be forwarded to the concerned disciplinary authority and his reporting officer. If such letters are received repeatedly, a departmental enquiry for major punishment may be initiated,” the procedure read.

It was also found that in several cases, oral recommendations are being received. Taking note of it, the Commissioner in the order said even in those cases, a mention of this fact should be made on writing in the personal file of the police personnel giving details of the caller, date and time of request.

Although the order existed earlier, it has been amended to meet with the challenges of present day policing, Delhi Police PRO Suman Nalwa told IANS. The present order superseded a previous standing order issued ten years back in October, 2012.

She said that several of the standing orders are being reviewed and amended since they were made more than 10-15 years back and this order is one among many that has been amended.

Stressing the need to dissuade the practice of bringing outside influence on the senior echelons of the police, Commissioner Asthana, however, said this may be due to the fact that “our men do not find enough opportunities to air their grievances and get redressal.

“We should encourage them to send requests through their immediate superiors rather than through political persons,” the Commissioner added.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) Nalwa further informed IANS that a mechanism of Open House discussion, directly with the Commissioner, was started last year where any police personnel can share his or her grievances with the police chief.

It may be mentioned here that, according to the Delhi Police annual report, as many as 469 police personnel were added to the ‘doubtful integrity’ list in 2021.

“A total of 318 police personnel, including 13 Inspectors, 29 Sub-inspectors, 52 ASIs, 80 Head Constables and 143 Constables, were placed under suspension for various commissions and omissions,” the report read.

As per the report, the Vigilance Unit of the Delhi Police maintains a close watch on the activities of the officers and men in order to enforce integrity and probity in the ranks.

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