Delhi Police’s ‘Jan Sampark Vahan’ to create awareness

On the Occasion of Delhi Police Raising Day, the department launched ‘Jan Sampark Vahan’ as a community police initiative to educate and sensitise general public about various issues.

“A mini truck will visit main traffic squares, markets, schools, major parks, bus stands, entrances and exits of metro stations, unauthorised and re-settlement colonies to bring awareness in people,” said a Senior police officer.

The Vehicle will halt for 30-40 minutes at the designated places.

The ‘Jan Sampark Vahan’ aims at skill training, motivational program for unprivileged children’s awareness, program about Covid-19 Vaccination Management, training programs for budding criminals to come into main stream, display of anti-auto theft equipments, awareness program about burglary, house theft, CCTV’s and their benefits, the schemes running for senior citizens, awareness about good touch and bad touch and bringing awareness about Cyber Fraud.