New Delhi, March 5 (IANS) The Delhi riots were the result of a conspiracy by opposition leaders against the BJP, said senior party leader Bhupendra Yadav in an exclusive interview with IANS here on Thursday.

According to him, what is important is the timing of the riots instead of how they happened, referring to US President Donald Trump’s visit to India. “All those who conspired against the government will be exposed,” he said.

The BJP Rajya Sabha member, in an exclusive interview at his residence here, spoke at length about the Delhi riots, Parliament’s budget session and other issues. On the current stalemate in Parliament on the issue of the Delhi violence, Yadav said it is the opposition parties who are responsible for it and not the government.

“It is important to note the timing of the Delhi violence. There was no issue and no enmity between two communities. We decided to give citizenship to minorities of three countries as a good gesture on the ground of humanity. But a great hue and cry was raised unnecessarily and very carefully the time was chosen to inflict maximum damage,” Yadav who is also known as the BJP’s strategist told IANS.

Yadav rejected the allegation that the Delhi Police failed to curb the violence and was allegedly complicit in the crime. “The moment reports of violence were received, the Home Minister called the top authorities for a meeting. The situation was brought under control within 30 hours. It was a well-planned conspiracy to defame the government. They all will be exposed,” he said.

Yadav acknowledged that the party’s image has taken a hit after unnecessary and provocative speeches were made by some of its leaders. He said, “It has definitely dented the party’s image. Prime Minister and Home Minister always advise leaders to maintain restraint. It is their responsibility to take the party’s ideology to the masses,” adding that the party does take action against errant leaders but the media chooses to ignore that.

On the question on why the government is not ready for a discussion on the Delhi violence before Holi, the BJP general secretary said that the opposition is not letting Parliament function. “How is a debate possible in an atmosphere where there is shoving and jostling among the members in the House,” he said.

There are rules for discussion in Parliament. The government did not reject the demand for a debate on the Delhi violence. But the opposition members are coming to the treasury benches and assaulting the members. Complaints have been lodged, he said.

On the question of why the debate after Holi, Yadav said, “Some of the ordinances have to be cleared by the Parliament as there is a six month time limit. There were ordinances on mining, IBC. These have to be approved in the Parliament.”

Hitting out at the opposition for giving ‘moral support’ to the Shaheen Bagh protest, Yadav said, “Speeches were made to negate that minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh were subjected to persecution. Young minds were poisoned through hate-filled speeches in the name of freedom of expression during anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh.”

Praising the prime minister for bringing the CAA, Yadav said, “he is among the tallest leaders in the world. His speeches galvanise the party workers. Modi ji has played a crucial role in the rise of the BJP.”




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