New Delhi, March 29 (IANS) Pictures and videos of thousands of migrant labourers at Anand Vihar and Kaushambi bus terminals became a rage on the internet in no time. A Delhi Traffic policeman on Sunday composed a song on the plight of these migrant workers.

Traffic Head Constable Sandeep Sahi (38) in the song has urged the government to provide employment opportunities in Bihar itself so that no such migration takes place in the future.

Speaking to IANS, Sahi said: “I felt extremely sad. Being a Bihari myself, I could feel the pain of those migrant people who live hundreds of kilometres away from their families just for work. I want to request the government to create employment opportunities in Bihar and UP so that they do not need to stay away from their families.”

Sahi made headlines in 2019 also when he composed a rap song based on famous ‘Gully Boy’ song ‘Apna time Ayega’ to spread awareness about road safety. His video went viral on social media platforms.

He is also popular with a moniker ‘Helmet man’ as he distributes free helmets to people who don’t wear them during their journey. He saves money from his salary and buys at least two-three hundred helmets.

Sahi distributes them and make people aware of the importance of wearing helmets.

Sahi made spreading awareness about traffic rules as his passion after his wife met with an accident in 2008 which damaged her both legs. Since then he comes up with new ideas of doing some social work.

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