Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Delhi traffic police deploy 3540 personnel to tackle rainfall chaos

Delhi police had deployed around 3540 traffic police personnel for Delhiites amid heavy rain, which caused a lot of trouble on Saturday and Sunday.

A senior police official confirmed to IANS that 3540 traffic police personnel were deployed on the roads to remove vehicles stranded in waterlogged areas during heavy rainfall.

“This morning, heavy rainfall in Delhi has caused waterlogging in various areas, resulting in traffic jams throughout the city. To facilitate traffic flow and prevent congestion due to the rain, we removed the stranded vehicles to the side of the road,” the official said.

The official mentioned that they received information about waterlogging at fifty-four locations.

Along with waterlogging, incidents of uprooted trees and potholes on the roads were reported.

According to the traffic police, there were large potholes at four locations due to the rain. Six PCR calls regarding tree uprooting were reported to the control room.

“Power outages also occurred in several parts of the city, causing traffic signals to malfunction, and traffic personnel were unable to manage the signal-controlled intersections,” the official said.



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