Chennai, Feb 26 (IANS) Actor Rajinikanth on Wednesday said the violence and the death of over 20 persons in Delhi is the failure of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Speaking to reporters here, he said the violence is an intelligence failure of the Central government and condemned it.

Asked whether it is a failure of the Home Minister, Rajinikanth said: “Intelligence failure is the Home Minister’s failure.”

He said the violence in Delhi when US President Donald Trump was visiting is “condemnable”.

Rajinikanth, who is set to enter politics, said there is nothing wrong in peaceful protest but it should not turn violent. He also said the current protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act is going beyond limits and should have been dealt with an iron hand.

Not foreseeing the Central government revoking CAA, Rajinkanth said the Centre had clearly explained about the National Population Register (NPR) and there should be no confusion on that.

Rajinikanth said it is sad that he is being described as a mouthpiece of the BJP.

He said some parties are instigating the protests in the name of religion and strongly condemned those resorting to such practices.




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