Delnaaz Irani talks about her ‘reels’, emphasises proper usage of social media

Delnaaz Irani needs no introduction. From the bubbly ‘Sweetu’ (Kal Ho Naa Ho) to ‘Pari Sitara’ (Son Pari) and her most recent small screen stint of Mrs Martha (Choti Sarrdaarni), the actress has portrayed every role she took up with perfection. Now she is quite famous for her ‘reels’ on social media.

Her reels featuring her beau Percy and domestic help Manoj are being loved by the masses because they are not just funny but the situations in which they are created look very real. But the actress was not always a fan of social media, and she got interested in it only during the lockdown last year.

“Whether it’s work, career or social media I have just gone with the flow. I have never manipulated things neither in my life, nor in my career, nor now with social media. It was never so important for me. When I started working, we did not have Instagram or Twitter, it was just Facebook and it was hardly used. But today social media is so important. Everything is out there and everything is publicised, but I feel it’s a personal choice,” she shares.

According to Delnaaz, social media is the best way to connect with people as she adds: “Initially, I did not understand it but then I realised the importance of social media because I understood that when you want to connect with people, with your fans, who love your body of work and have seen your work in the past and are still seeing you today, they definitely want to connect with you.”

Talking about the response she is getting from her fans and social media users in general, the ‘Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha’ actress says: “I started making videos and sharing my thoughts and people started enjoying it. I can sense that people love my comedy and I make these comic reels with either Percy or Manoj. I have been a comic actor so I just love to make people laugh and I don’t copy, I try to recreate them in my own way. People want to see me and Percy in reel, people want Manoj’s ‘naagin’ dance.”

Though she has realised that social media is a powerful tool, she stressed that one shouldn’t let it rule them. She feels it should be used in the right way, and not let it overpower other things in life.

“A lot of work is generated through social media. So I think it’s a complete win-win situation if you use the platform correctly. If you misuse it, it’s your fault. I think one should use the medium, and not let the medium use you. I am doing it, the day I will be tired and exhausted I will say ok bye. Right now I genuinely love it,” Delnaaz concludes.