Delnaaz: Saddest part of doing TV is that the medium is TRP-driven


Actress Delnaaz Irani was excited about becoming a part of ‘Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey (KKIS’)’. Though now she is quite disappointed with the news of her show ending on August 6 after completing seven months.

She says: “It’s extremely unnerving and disheartening whenever a show ends. You can never be prepared for it irrespective of you being a seasoned actor, who has been part of several shows. I have been associated with long-running shows, so, I shouldn’t ideally be feeling too bad.”

“However, I invest myself emotionally in every project and every set becomes my second home. Similarly, the unit of ‘KKIS’ has become like a family and thus, it feels bad to know that the journey has come to an end,” she adds.

The actress says it was shocking for her to know that the show is ending especially because the makers were introducing a lot of changes in the story line.

“I felt lost when I heard the news of ‘KKIS’ ending, especially because it seemed like an overnight decision, as the makers were introducing a lot of changes in the story line. In fact, I was looking forward to my track taking off with my marriage on screen. We needed some sprucing up of the drama on the show but having said that, everyone thought that the story line was all over the place.”

It is always seen that how long the TV show will continue largely depends on the TRP and Delnaaz feels that the concept of the serial is equally important.

“The saddest part of doing TV is that the medium is TRP-driven, a numbers game I fail to comprehend. Given the fierce competition, everybody wants her show to do well and rule the roost. However, I strongly feel that TRPs shouldn’t be the only deciding factor, as one tends to compromise with quality when you worry too much about the numbers.”

“I think makers should stick to their guns if they believe in their story and shouldn’t alter it just because the numbers aren’t favourable. A storyline is changed every Thursday on the basis of the ratings a show gets. So, every week, we fail to live up to the original story and our conviction. We are only living up to the TRPs, which is so sad,” she says.

She concludes with calling her journey on the show one of the most satisfying.

“It was one of the best role which gave me joy as an actor and a major track was developing with my wedding track. It’s not in the actors hands as till when the show will run. I have got lot of happy memories to take from this show,” she concludes.



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