Delta variant threat looms large in Karnataka

Amid the increase in the number of cases infected with the Delta variant in neighbouring Maharashtra and Kerala, 725 people have been found affected by this variant in Karnataka.

Among the 752, Bengaluru accounts for the maximum number 525. A total of 77 cases are from Vijayapura district, and the coastal district of Udupi recorded 40 cases of Delta variant.

Even as NIMHANS and National Centre for Biological Sciences are involved in genomic sequencing, tracking primary and secondary contacts of affected persons with Delta variant is proving to be a challenge for the authorities in Bengaluru, Vijayanagar and Udupi.

Meanwhile, about 652 children getting affected with normal coronavirus has put the authorities on their toes. Between July 5 and July 14, about 86 cases involving a newborn to 5 years, 109 cases between 5 years to 10 years, 296 children of 11 and 18 years of age and 161 between the ages of 19 to 20 years were found to be affected with coronavirus.

“Parents freely mingling with children is causing the spread of the infection,” explained Indian Pediatric Doctors Association, Bengaluru President and BBMP Child Expert Committee member Dr Mallikarjun. “However, whether it is normal coronavirus or Delta variant, if the family member who comes in contact with people restricts himself to a room and if he is being watchful of symptoms, the spread can be checked to a great extent,” he underlined.

Half of the people affected with Delta variant (a.1.617.2) do not get any symptoms and remaining will have normal symptoms of cold, cough, fever, breathlessness, loose motion and serious lung infection and those who are detected with Delta require hospitalization in most cases. About 725 Delta cases were found in genome sequencing examinations.

D. Randeep, Special Commissioner (Health) allayed fears of spread of Delta in the city and said, “The normal Covid infection found among children is less than 10 per cent which is not a cause of worry. Affected children have asymptomatic features and are being treated at homes without any complications. People need not fear about the spread of Delta variant among children.”