Demolition of part of dargah takes political colour in K’taka

The demolition of a part of a dargah at Bhairidevarakoppa in Dharwad city of Karnataka following court orders has taken a political turn.

Crying foul, Opposition Congress has alleged that the action is being taken keeping upcoming assembly polls in mind.

The demolition task was taken up in the wee hours of Wednesday with heavy police security cover considering the sensitivity of the issue.

M.M. Hindasageri, former minister and senior Congress leader stated that ruling BJP has hurt religious feelings of people and damaged the historical heritage of the dargah.

“The government is claiming that the dargah is cleared as it hinders BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport System) project. But, in spite of the BRTS project being completed, there is a conspiracy to vacate the dargah intentionally. This is condemnable,” he said.

Hindasageri further stated that twin cities Hubballi and Dharwad are known for harmony. “Ruling BJP is carrying out politics of hate on this sacred land. The decision to vacate dargah to get mileage is not tenable. BJP should stop hurting religious feelings of one community,” he added.

Muslim leader Altaf Hallur maintained that vacating of dargah at Bhairidevarakoppa is undertaken to divide Hindus and Muslims. It is a part of hidden agenda by BJP to get to power by hook or crook.

“The BRTS corridor has 36 meter width from Dharwad to Hubballi. But, only near the dargah, it has been marked for 44 metres. There is conspiracy to save the showroom owned by BJP MLA Arvind Bellad,” he alleged.

Prasad Abbaiah, MLA for Hubballi-Dharwad East station maintained that the BJP government is hurting the sentiments of people. The Muslims have attached their religious feelings here. By vacating dargah, BJP is pursuing divide and rule policy.

“The dargah could have been saved. But, BJP is intentionally getting it removed,” he added.

BRTS had acquired the land, where dargah is situated, for the project. The management of dargah had obtained a stay order in 2016.

BRTS had appealed against this in the court. The Karnataka High Court had vacated the stay recently.




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