Denmark to review repatriation of kids from Syrian camps


The Danish government and a majority of parties in Parliament have agreed to set up a task force to investigate how to repatriate minors from refugee camps in Syria, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

By May 15, the group would present its findings including whether it would be feasible to evacuate Danish children without their parents, reports dpa news agency.

The agreement was supported by centre-right opposition parties as well as centre-left parties that often support the minority Social Democrats.

The development comes as the government has come under increasing pressure to act on behalf of the children amid worsening conditions in the camps.

Copenhagen was to initiate measures that in the short term can improve the children’s conditions, the statement said.

The Foreign Ministry estimated there were 19 children in the refugee camps aged between one and 14, and six mothers who have said they want to return to Denmark.

The Foreign Ministry statement said that adults who had joined the Islamic State terror group and fought against Denmark’s “democratic values of freedom and equality are undesirable”.

“What we all have in common is that we want to help the children,” Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said.