Dense to very dense fog conditions over Indo-Gangetic plains


Dense to very dense fog conditions were witnessed across the Indo-Gangetic plains on Wednesday morning with visibility reduced to zero at Bathinda in wee hours.

According to India Meteorological Department (IMD), at 5.30 a.m., dense to very dense fog was observed in isolated pockets over Punjab and West Rajasthan and dense fog was witnessed in isolated pockets over East Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar.

The visibility recorded at 5.30 a.m. was: Bhatinda – 0, Amritsar, Ganganagar and Churu – 25 m each, Bahraich and Purnea – 50 m each, Palam, Delhi and Ranchi -200 each.

At 8.30 a.m, dense to very dense fog was experienced in isolated pockets over Northwest Rajasthan; dense fog in isolated pockets over Punjab, southwest Uttar Pradesh, east Bihar, Jharkhand and plains of Uttarakhand and moderate fog at isolated pockets over northeast Rajasthan.

Besides, visibility in Ganganagar was recorded at 25 m; Bathinda, Amritsar, Pantnagar, Agra, Purnea and Ranchi – 50 m each; Churu and Jaipur – 200 each while Delhi, Palam reported 700 m, the IMD said.

On Monday, the IMD predicted fog, cold wave conditions over parts of northwest India during the next 4-5 days.



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