‘Depressed’ TN youth tries to rob bank in Ajith movie style

A 25-year-old youth, Khaleel Rahman of Poochinayikanpetti in Tamil Nadu’s Dindigul district was on Tuesday arrested after he tried to rob a bank in broad daylight.

The youth tried to rob the Indian Overseas Bank, Thadikombu branch, in the district in the latest Ajith Kumar-starrer ‘Thunivu’.

He barged into the bank and kept the bank employees hostage. He used chilly powder, pepper spray, and a knife to rob the bank. He tied three bank employees using plastic tags. However, one of the employees broke himself free and alerted the local people.

People from the neighbourhood arrived in large numbers and overpowered Khaleel who was later handed over to the police.

The youth, according to local police, informed that he was depressed with life and tried to rob the bank after getting inspiration from the movie ‘Thunivu’ which portrays a bank heist.

The Dindigul West police have commenced investigation on Khaleel Rahman and his antecedents and whether he was involved in any such acts earlier. The police are also probing conspiracy angle involving other people also in the bank robbery.




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