Despite spike in pollution, some good news from UP’s NCR areas

As air pollution increases around Diwali, it also adds to the health related problems of the people.

However, in UP’s Noida and Greater Noida, a small improvement has been recorded in the level of air pollution this year. There is still time to rectify and prevent the situation from worsening.

Strong winds in Greater Noida are reducing the pollution. The Air Quality Index (AQI) of Noida and Greater Noida was 262 and 243 respectively.

In recent years, the AQI on the day after Govardhan Puja, was recorded at more than 400, in the dark red zone. The AQI of Noida stood at 299 on Tuesday and 262 on Wednesday.

Similarly, the AQI of Greater Noida has decreased from 272 to 243, and it is said to have the best air in the NCR. The most polluted city is Ghaziabad with an AQI of 273. Delhi, Noida, Faridabad and Gurugram follow.

Since the last three years,the AQI has surged up to 400 on the day after Govardhan Puja. But this year, due to the solar eclipse, the Puja was celebrated two days after Diwali, on Wednesday, which is why the AQI was low.

Four teams of the Noida Pollution Control Board and 10 of the Noida Authority are working in different zones to have the rules of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) in force and a fine of Rs 50,000 is being imposed on anyone found violating them.




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