Dhankhar vows to resign if Mamata’s allegation is proved correct

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee again got engaged in a bitter debate on Wednesday after the constitutional head of the state vowed to resign if the allegation levelled against him by the Chief Minister is proved correct.

Dhankhar was reacting to Banerjee’s allegation that the Governor orders food from Taj Bengal every day.

“I have read the statement of the Chief Minister. This is unfortunate. This is a challenge to democracy. The statement that I get my food from Taj Bengal is 100 per cent incorrect. It doesn’t behold the Chief Minister to make such wild allegations. If it is proved correct, I shall resign,” Dhankhar said.

Banerjee’s comment came after Dhankhar questioned the financial allocation of ‘Maa Canteen’ – a subsidised community canteen facility devised by the Chief Minister to provide food to the poor during the pandemic situation.

“I have asked for the constitutional allocation made by the state government for Maa Canteen. The canteen was operational from Mid-February 2021 but the constitutional allocation was made from April 1. As the constitutional head of the state, it is my duty to see that all the norms are followed according to the Constitution and no one can stop me from doing that,” Dhankhar said.

After being elected unopposed as the chairperson of Trinamool Congress on Wednesday, Banerjee again raised her tirade against the Governor, alleging that files are not released from the Raj Bhawan.

Refuting the allegation, Dhankhar said, “What has been talked about the files has no credibility. There is not a single file pending on my table. If there are issues pending, her government will have to reply. But the government has failed to reply. It doesn’t behold that the hon’ble chief minister will make such wild allegations.”

“There have been abuses and invectives directed against me, but I want to make one thing very clear that nothing will deter me from prosecuting my constitutional path. I am not elected, it is true, but I am bound by the Constitution and it is my duty to see that the constitutional norms are followed. It is my constitutional duty to see that the governance of the state is in accordance with the rule of law, and when I have taken the oath, I shall continue to do so,” Dhankhar said.

The Governor also criticised the Chief Minister for comparing him to a ‘stable of horses’.

Speaking after the organisational polls, Banerjee, while referring to an incident during Republic Day parade when one horse of the Kolkata Mounted Police went out of the line and showed its back, said without naming the Governor that a stable of horses has been sent from Delhi.

“It is very unfortunate of her to speak like this. Being the Chief Minister of the state, this kind of a language is not expected. I have been in the state for two-and-a-half years and I have made more than 900 tweets, but never did I show my disrespect for the Chief Minister. I still have high regards for her,” the Governor said.

Taking a dig at the bureaucracy, Dhankhar said, “The bureaucracy of the state has forgotten the rule of law they are guided by. They outrage the constitutional norms. There is no rule of law in the state. It is only the rule of the ruler.”




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