‘Dharavi Bank’ writer says Vivek Oberoi was destined to play top cop in it

Writer-director Sarthak Dasgupta, who is currently receiving positive response to the streaming series ‘Dharavi Bank’ penned by him, has shared that Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi was destined to play the role of Joint Commissioner of Police Jayant Gavaskar in the show.

Walking down the memory lane, Sarthak recollected: “Around the time I had begun writing Dharavi Bank, a few years back, I met Vivek Oberoi at the house of director-producer Sanjay Gupta. We were all having lunch together. During a casual chat he asked me what I was doing those days. I told him about this crazy show which I was writing called ‘Dharavi Bank’. When he heard that it was about a cop who single handedly takes on a big cartel, he said he wished he could do the role. “Bro, it’s completely up my alley!”

He continued: “Cut to almost 1 and half year later, somehow the producers approached him and he said that he has heard about it before. Until then I didn’t have any idea that Producers had approached him. Later, when he read it, he loved it and finally did it. I guess it was destined for him to play the part.”

He went on to call Vivek an “underrated actor, who packs a lot of punch” and was quite happy when things fell in place. “In fact, once the name came up I suddenly could see no one else playing Gavaskar,” he added.




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