Dia Mirza’s step-daughter saved her number as “not the wicked step-mother yet”

Dia Mirza celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, May 8, with her baby boy Avyaan, her mother as well as her step-daughter Samaira. In the past too, Dia Mirza has been open about the warm relationship she shares with Samaira and has stated that she feels really fortunate to have become a parent (step-parent) to a girl who has been so receptive, open and kind about her father’s second marriage.

On Mother’s Day, Dia took to her Instagram to share a picture of her son Avyaan, her mom as well as Samaira. She also mentioned her husband Vaibhav’s mom and captioned the photos, “’A child gives birth to a mother. So grateful for my babies and so grateful for my Ma. Miss you @rekhi.poonam #MothersDay #MothersDay2022.”

Dia recently gave an interview to Indian Express where she talked about her relationship with her step-daughter Samaira. She also spoke about why she avoids reading fairy tales to her children. The actress said, “It also helps if your children don’t read fairy tales, because the concept of a wicked step-father or a wicked step-mother, all these concepts come from those stories and thankfully I never read them and I make sure my kids don’t either. And, funnily enough, Samaira has my number saved as ‘not the wicked step mother yet’.”

Dia also shared that as far as her relationship with Samaira goes, she lets Samaira take the lead. She said, “When I say that is that I am always there for her, she knows that. I always say that we are friends first and whenever she needs me as a parent.”

She also added, “I am very fortunate that I have become a parent to a child who is so open and so receptive and so wonderful. Don’t try and be someone else for the child, be yourself and the child will value that and appreciate that.”

Samaira was actively involved during Dia Mirza and Vaibhav Rekhi’s wedding rituals. She walked ahead of Dia as though escorting her as she walked towards the wedding mandap. Dia and her husband Vaibhav got married in February 2021 and they welcomed their first child, a son named Avyaan on May 14, 2022. Avyaan was born premature was in the hospital for several weeks.



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