Dialogue only way to provide solution to conflicts: Modi

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New Delhi, Aug 5 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said he is product of an ancient tradition that firmly believes in dialogue on difficult issues and it was the only way to cut through prejudices that sow seeds of conflict between nations.

In a video message for the second edition of ‘Samvad’, Modi said that solutions to the global challenges of terrorism and climate change can be found through dialogue and debate.

Samvad is being organised on Global Initiative on Conflict Avoidance and Environment Consciousness on Saturday and Sunday in Myanmar’s Yangon. The first ‘Samvad’ was hosted in September 2015 in New Delhi.

According to an official release, Modi said dialogue cuts through prejudices that divide communities.

“The Prime Minister said dialogue is the only way to cut through deep rooted religious stereotypes and prejudices that divide communities across the world and sow seeds of conflict between nations and societies,” it said.

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“The Prime Minister said that he is a `product of the ancient Indian tradition that firmly believes in dialogue on difficult issues.’ He said that the ancient Indian concept of Tarka Shastra is founded on dialogue and debate as the model for exchange of views and avoidance of conflict,” he said.

Modi’s remarks came amid standoff between India and China along the border in Sikkim sector after China attempted road construction in Bhutanese territory around mid-June.

Modi said solutions to global problems can come from Asia’s oldest traditions of dialogue and debate.

“As the inter-connected and inter-dependent world of 21st century battles a number of global challenges, from terrorism to climate change, I am confident that the solutions will be found through Asia’s oldest traditions of dialogue and debate.”

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He also stressed that if man does not preserve nature, then nature reacts in the form of climate change.

“Man must relate to nature, man must revere nature, not merely consider it a resource to be exploited,” Modi said.

He also emphasized that environmental laws and regulations, while essential in any modern society, afford only an inferior protection to nature and called for “harmonious environmental consciousness”.



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