Did Emma Watson take a dig at J.K. Rowling at the BAFTAs?

The 75th BAFTA awards were held on Sunday, March 13, 2022, at the Royal Albert Hall, London, with several celebrities in attendance. This year, Emma Watson was added as one of the presenters, while the stunning Australian actress Rebel Wilson was the host of the show. While introducing the Harry Potter actress, Rebel Wilson seemed to have taken a subtle dig at J.K.Rowling for her very controversial transphobic comments made in the past.

Emma Watson debuted in movies with the ‘Harry Potter‘ franchise as a child artist. She played the role of Hermione Granger in all the 8 movies of the franchise. Later she also worked on TV shows and films, notable among them being, ‘Little Women’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Emma Watson is also a popular orator and she was names one of the 100 most influential people by Time Magazine in the year 2015.

While calling Emma Watson on stage, Rebel introduced Emma Watson by saying, “Here to present the next award is Emma Watson. She calls herself a feminist, but we all know she’s a witch.”

Here is the clip:

The crowd of course laughed at the intended pun and when Emma came on stage to present the award, the first thing she said, was, “I’m here for all the witches by the way!”

Netizens were in uproar over this comment, as they believe it was Watson’s dig at author J.K. Rowling for her unsavory comments about transgender people. Several people tweeted the video and applauded her for jibing at J.K. Rowling.

In the introductory monologue, Rebel Wilson also took a dig at J.K. Rowling for her comments while talking about her weight loss transformation and the fact that she looks so different now. Rebel added, “I hope J.K. Rowling still approves.”

While Emma Watson’s comment could be a subtle jibe, Rebel’s comment was not so subtle.



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