‘DID Super Moms’ judges blown away by pregnant performer’s act

The judges of the television show ‘DID Super Moms’ were in for a surprise when they saw a six-month pregnant mother, Smriti Arora, auditioning with a lot of energy and zeal.

After her act, Smriti mentioned that she not only wants to follow her passion for dance, but also wants to break the myth that a woman can’t work or dance during her pregnancy and in turn, inspire more expecting moms to continue to follow their dreams.

Blown away by her performance and her thoughts, the judges gave her a standing ovation.

After her performance, Smriti Arora mentioned: “Having worked as a background dancer in the past, my love for dancing cannot be explained. In fact, I love it so much that I cannot stop myself from dancing during my pregnancy too. And this is not the first time I am dancing during my pregnancy. I still remember, when I was expecting for the first time, I did an event in the 9th month of my pregnancy.”

“People say that when a lady is pregnant, the baby learns from her womb, and that’s what happened. My daughter also turned out to be an excellent dancer. Having said that, I haven’t come here to only get selected. I wanted to perform and break the stereotype around pregnancy that women can’t dance or work when they are pregnant,” she added.

An impressed Remo D’Souza then said: “In my whole career, I have never seen any contestant who is six months pregnant, perform in front of me, that too with so much energy and zeal. I am sure your baby will also become a L’il master and turn out to be one of the best dancers we know in the future.”

He noted: “Seeing your dedication and passion actually reminded me of my wife Lizelle. When she was pregnant with our second child, she used to drive me around as well as do all the things she liked.

“Even a day before her delivery, she was there with me for a shoot. So, I totally agree with you, it is a myth that a lady can’t work during her pregnancy.”

‘DID Super Moms’ premieres on Zee TV on July 2 and will drop new episodes every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm on the channel.




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