Did the ‘Megxit’ justify the ‘Moprah’?

Sabrina Almeida

Oprah Winfrey’s bombshell interview with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle has polarized the world’s opinion of whom to blame for the royal fiasco. While some feel deeply for the Duchess of Sussex, others who support Queen Elizabeth II see Meghan as a cry baby. 

So did the alleged racism and unacceptance of ‘The Suits’ actress cause the ‘Megxit’? Or was it an inability to cope with demands of a royal lifestyle that sent the couple into ‘Megxile’? 

Harry attempted to explain the “coldness” his wife complained about in the interview. The other royals had lived through similar situations and expected the new duchess to do the same. Her adoring husband also admitted to being embarrassed to ask for help for her at first. We get that… but it looks like Meghan didn’t!!!

The British tabloids remained unapologetic though Meghan accused them of being partly responsible for her suicidal thoughts and the couple’s decision to leave their royal roles. In fact they continued their criticism branding her interview with Oprah as the tantrum of an angry woman (Moprah). 

Indian celebrities Simi Garewal and Shobhaa De seemed to agree with them. 

De described the whole situation as a “royal soap opera” and told Meghan to deal with her problems like a “big girl”. After all, being ill-treated by the in-laws is a situation Indians are very familiar with. Most desi women are probably wondering what the fuss is all about and what Meghan hoped to achieve by throwing a tantrum in public? We all get that you don’t diss the family in public, but Meghan doesn’t!!!

That brings us to Simi Garewal’s harsh reaction. While Garewal was trolled for calling Meghan “evil” and a “liar”, she went on to say that she does not respect women who come in and “break up homes”. Meaning the duchess is responsible for splitting up the royal family. 

From the Indian point of view the royals were living in a joint family where differences of opinion, squabbles and rivalry are to be expected. Women from joint families would have advised the duchess to suck it up while she learned the ropes. They would tell her to carry on with her life, now that they have separated from the family without causing a scandal as it would only deepen the rift. 

India’s obsession with fair skin puts every mother through a litmus test each time a baby is born. Right or not, it’s the way of life. Even those of us unbiased ones have been guilty of commenting on a child’s colour albeit without malicious intent. So, Meghan’s despair made less of an impression on those of us who have lived with the colour bias. Perhaps she never saw it coming, but we did! 

The former actress’s race, profession and age were all hot topics of discussion when the royal wedding was announced. But with Harry unlikely to ascend the throne, it was felt that the Queen really didn’t care that much about who he married.  But Harry made it a point to clarify that it was not the Queen or his grandfather who made the comment about Archie’s skin colour.

The royal family’s lack of warmth towards Meghan is not a surprise either. They didn’t seem the warm and fuzzy type.  So what gave Meghan the impression that they would hold her hand and guide her through the transition? Perhaps their expectation was Harry would school her on the royal ways and he in turn expected Meghan would learn to swim when thrown in the deep end!

Having said that, the toll royal life took on Meghan’s mental health and the resultant suicidal thoughts, cannot and must not be taken lightly. The decision to step away from the palace and royal duties was no doubt critical for Meghan’s well-being. Or she wouldn’t have been able to convince Harry to walk away, right? But was the shaming necessary? 

Was baring her soul on prime time television cathartic for Meghan Markle? Did she need to get back at the royal family in order to move on? Will they truly be more accepting of her and Archie after the expose? Or has she alienated herself even more from them, the British media and people who love their royals? 

Once can’t help but feel bad for Harry. He had to make a difficult choice and has lost much in the process. Meghan should have honoured his commitment to her in a more dignified way than the Moprah she indulged in and made him a part of.




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