Did you know Amazon Prime’s ‘Reacher’ was produced in Brampton?

Amazon Prime Video’s new series ‘Reacher’ and 2 Netflix’s feature films ‘ 13: The Musical’ and ‘Man from Toronto’ are among the many productions that contributed to a record-breaking year for Brampton’s film industry.

In 2021, the City hosted 80 different film, television and commercial productions totaling over 553 days of filming activity, a 90 per cent increase from 2020.

Due to the strict COVID-19 health and safety protocols created and adhered to by screen industry companies, productions and individuals, productions were able to continue working throughout the 2021 pandemic year.

When applying for a film permit, production companies must indicate their estimated direct spend in Brampton to the Film and Television Office. Since 2018, these estimates have grown substantially, with estimated economic impact growing 959 per cent to over $18 million, and revenue to the City by 147 per cent to nearly $400,000 in 2021. This growth was due in part to the interest from large US-based studio productions such as Netflix, Apple, and Amazon, as well as the steady use of converted studio space and temporary standing sets.

Paramount+ series ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’, Apple+ series ‘See’ and CBC’s television series ‘Coroner’ were some of the other big names made here.

Brampton offers concierge-style services to the industry, assisting productions of all sizes to find film-friendly locations for filming and support including the City’s lush parklands and sport fields, residential neighbourhoods, industrial areas, contemporary and heritage City facilities, and different roadway options to help set the scene. The Brampton Film and Television Office also works alongside other City stakeholders including the Region of Peel, Peel Regional Police, conservation authorities and more to facilitate production needs.

The City is a member of Ontario Green Screen, an initiative between government, industry, unions, guilds and trade associations to empower productions and studios to make sustainable choices.


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