Different shades of women and a headmaster’s topsy-turvy journey! (IANS Books This Weekend)

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New Delhi, Jan 1 (IANS) Woman play multiple roles – there’s a little girl who develops a deep bond with her Lhasa Apso, another arrives in an unknown land to discover her true identity, yet another gives tips or suggestions to businesswomen who want to make it big in corporate world; explore their diverse worlds! Also, a headmaster’s memoir of a stormy career filled with unpredictable ups and downs. Check out the weekend book fare that IANS offers.

1. Book: Fluffy and Me; Author: Anita Krishnan; Publisher: FingerPrint; Pages: 292; Price: Rs. 250

Dogs are undoubtedly a human being’s best friend, and Anita Krishnan explores this relationship in her new book, a story of an undying friendship.

The book takes on an emotional journey of a little girl and a canine named Fluffy and their inseparable bond which is full of laughter, tears, fun and fear. Join in their escapades as they glide from innocence to maturity, exploring the Himalayan wilderness around Shimla, where the book is set.

2. Book: The Forgotten Daughter; Author: Renita D’Silva; Publisher: FingerPrint; Pages: 276; Price: Rs. 295

Raised in England, Nisha the protagonist’s life turns upside down when all of a sudden she discovers she is an adopted child.

Renita D’Silva’s book explores Nisha’s search for her mother and a family she never knew with a scrawled address in India, revelation of some secrets and discoveries that change her life forever.

The secrets, culture and people that Nisha discovers will change her life for ever. And, as her eyes are opened to a side of herself she didn’t know existed, Nisha realises that she must also seek answers to the hardest question of all – why?

3. Book: Million Dollar Women; Author: Julia Pimsleur; Publisher: Piatkus; Pages: 278; Price: Rs. 399

Though female entrepreneurs have an unprecedented shot with great opportunities, businesswomen still don’t think big and struggle to reach financial heights.

Julia Pimsleur’s book is an essential guide for female entrepreneurs that teaches the concepts and vocabulary required to secure funding and scale up business. Herself being a CEO, Pimsleur draws her own experience that helps to overcome emotional hurdles and take a leap to the next level.

4. Book: With a Little Help From My Friends; Author: Dev Lahiri; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: 222; Price: Rs. 295

The book is a tell-all memoir of the author Dev Lahiri; of facing challenges as a headmaster and overcoming the loneliness and vulnerability associated with the job.

Written with simplicty and humour, the book evokes the author’s journey – his school days, St. Stephen’s moments which eventually acted as a backdrop to the unusual choices he made in his life through institutions like Lawrence School, Lovedale; Welham’s Boys’ School, Dehradun, and Doon School, Dehradun.

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