Different spaces inspire different ideas, says hit singer Sid Sriram

Popular singer Sid Sriram said that he is fascinated by the fact that different spaces inspire different ideas.

The immensely popular singer took to Instagram to post a video clip of him playing the piano and singing a song, which he had written while in college.

He also wrote: “It’s pretty fascinating how different spaces inspire different kinds of ideas. What lives beyond nostalgia?”

“I especially love playing this piano whenever I come back to the bay. It’s been in this house since I was like nine or 10 I think.”

“I started messing around with a melody today and as I continued I fell into a hook I wrote (in) my first year at Berklee in 2008/09.”

“The song was called ‘California Air’ and I wrote it when I was hella homesick. As I stumbled into that hook today, it felt really warm. (My laughing in the middle is when I say this ad lib lyric ‘Northern California to be exact’ that I’m surprised I remembered). Hope you all are having a good weekend. All love.”




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