Differently-abled girl raped, filmed in Pak

In yet another heart wrenching incident, a differently-abled girl has been allegedly sexually assaulted and filmed in a rural area of Pakistan’s Punjab province.

As per details, the victim was repeatedly raped by at least five suspects during a span of three months. Further details revealed that the suspects not only raped the victim, but also filmed the incidents and used it to blackmail her father, a security guard, into giving them money.

The 16-year-old deaf and mute girl was raped and filmed for months, videos of which were also made viral on certain social media platforms.

The local authorities have taken notice of the incident and at least two alleged rapists have been taken into custody.

“The 16-year-old daughter of Muhammad Hassan, a resident of suburb village Kundi, who works as a security guard for a private company, was deaf and mute by birth,” said Raees Ali, Station House Officer (SHO), Lodhran City.

The two arrested suspects have been identified as Hassan and Ijaz, are also in their youth and have been accused of raping and filming the victims for months and making the incidents viral on social media.

On the other hand, the medical report of the victim proved that she was repeatedly raped.

Samples of her DNA have been send to Lahore for further tests, while a case has been registered against five persons at the local police station on the complaint of the victim’s father.

As per the details of the case, the father of the victim has alleged that the rapists blackmailed him and demanded money while making threats.

He has five children, out of which the eldest daughter (victim) and his five-year-old son were deaf and mute since birth.

Further details revealed by the father, stated that the victim entered the house in a deteriorated condition and told her parents about the assault through sign language.

“The victim told her parents that there were five men involved in the sexual assault, some of who raped her repeatedly over the past three months,” maintained her father.

The victim’s father said he remained silent out of fear. But later approached the police after his daughter was filmed and blackmailed.

The incident has come as a shock to the masses as the abnormal desperation of the rapists and the brutal assault on a differently-abled girl for months, has not only shaken up emotions, but also has raised serious reservations on the state of safety, security, reliability and trust among the poor people on the authorities.