Digi Yatra to ensure data protection of fliers


Personal information of fliers will be stored in the mobile-wallet of the travellers in the implementation of Digi Yatra at airports. It will ensure data protection of air-passengers.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation is implementing Digi Yatra in a phased manner at the airports across the country. While it is being implemented at Varanasi and Bangalore from August 2022, it will start functioning at Kolkata, Pune, Vijayawada, Delhi and Hyderabad by March 2023.

As per the ministry of Civil Aviation, the personal information of the passenger will be stored in the mobile-wallet of the traveller.

“The same will be shared with the departure airport in the encrypted format and data will be purged from the system after 24 hours of departure of flight. This will address the data protection issues in implementation of Digi Yatra,” said the Ministry in a written reply on Thursday in the Lok Sabha.

Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC) issued on April 18 published by DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) on revised Digi Yatra guidelines provides for decentralised mobile wallet-based identity management platform.

“Digital transformation of aviation sector is an ongoing endeavour and as per requirements the digitization of various processes in aviation sector is undertaken. Ministry of Civil Aviation had introduced contactless boarding for safe travel through its order dated May 21, 2020. Digi Yatra is also one such step towards digital transformation of the sector,” said the ministry in the reply.

Digi Yatra seeks to provide seamless, paperless and hassle-free experience for passengers across all checkpoints at all Indian airports. Officials said that the main objective is to enhance passenger experience by eliminating the need for verification of ticket and ID at multiple touch points and to achieve better throughput through existing infrastructure using a Digital Framework.

It will simplify the passenger processes at various checkpoints in the airport right from the terminal entry gate, check-in, security check upto boarding gates.



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