Digital survey for night safari in Lucknow begins

A digital survey to determine the optimal utilisation of land in Lucknow’s Kukrail Reserve Forest for the planned night safari has started.

This will be Uttar Pradesh’s first night safari and will promote eco-tourism and biodiversity conservation.

The state government had, in its supplementary budget, allocated Rs 60 lakhs for construction work, Rs 20 lakhs for machinery and Rs 10 lakhs for other expenses.

Forest Minister Arun Kumar Saxena said: “The night safari, along with shifting of the zoo from Hazratganj to Kukrail should be done by the end of 2023. The digital survey for these works has been started.”

The digital survey of the land is being conducted so that the infrastructure developed here makes the most of the available land.

From the entryway to the visitors’ gallery, to the activity areas, all can be mapped on a digital map, followed by actual construction, said a senior forest official.

At present, Kukrail is a popular picnic spot. It also has a crocodile breeding centre and a turtle research and rescue centre.

For the project, the Kukrail river will be channelised, and the road will be widened.

The total area of the Kukrail forest is 2,027.46 hectares. There is a proposal to develop a zoo and night safari on a 500-acre land.




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