Director-actor Sasikumar relocates to native place near Madurai

Actor and director Sasikumar, best known for having made the cult classic ‘Subramaniapuram’, said that he no longer stays in Chennai and that he has relocated to his native place near Madurai.

The actor, who will next be seen playing the lead in ‘Naan Mirugamai Maara’, said: “I have moved back to my native place because as you all know, I was going through a difficult time and I wanted to be with my family and my people. So, I relocated to my native place which is near Madurai.”

The actor discloses that he comes to Chennai only if there is important work or shooting.

“I get to stay with my family. That’s the big advantage. Also , all my films get invariably shot at Theni, Kambam and the surrounding regions – all of which are near my native place.

“That apart, now communication is also much easier, thanks to advancement in technology. Even script narrations are done on zoom or skype and there are facilities in Madurai to dub.”

The director-actor said that a busy actor and director in the Tamil film industry moving out of Chennai to relocate to his native place might come across as something new to those present here but that this was how things were in the Malayalam film industry.

“This is new to us but if you see the Malayalam film industry, all actors and techinicians stay in their respective places. They come down for shooting and then return to their native places,” he said, disclosing that he will be returning to direction soon.




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