Director Rajeev Menon’s ‘Sarvam Thala Mayam’ to release in Japan

Director Rajeev Menon’s critically acclaimed Tamil entertainer, ‘Sarvam Thala Mayam’, featuring two National Award winners G V Prakash and Aparna Balamurali in the lead, is to now release in Japan.

Music director A R Rahman, who had scored music for the film, broke the news on social media.

Sharing a poster of the film in Japanese, he said, ” ‘Sarvam Thala Mayam’ will be releasing in Japan.”

Reacting to the news that his film was to be released in Japan as well, actor G V Prakash told IANS, “I am very happy that ‘Sarvam Thala Mayam’ is releasing in Japan now. It was a film that required a lot of effort as it was done in live sound. As the film is about Indian music and also features a lot of Indian musical instruments, the Japanese will be excited to watch it.”

Rajeev Menon, during an earlier interaction, had said that he had got the inspiration for this film from a concert that he once attended. In the concert, a maker of musical instruments had expressed the hope that someday, he would see even his child being allowed to perform a concert like the one that the director had gone to witness.

The film, which had a good run in theatres in India when it released in 2018, subtly spoke about a caste divide that tries to keep a young boy who is passionate about music from learning and mastering the art form of his choice.




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