Director Vamsidhar Bhogaraju praises Danish Sait

Debutant director Vamsidhar Bhogaraju, who is gearing up for his upcoming comedy-adventure film ‘One Cut Two Cut’, has praised its lead actor Danish Sait for his keen observation and to sketch the performance from an audio point of view.

Talking about the actor, Vamsidhar shared, “Danish is a fantastic talent. This guy is a very keen observer. He catches things that others tend to miss out on. He is especially great with audio. He has an incredible talent of picking out tone, tonality, mannerisms and that’s what makes him so entertaining because you actually think you are watching a different person.”

Danish will be seen essaying his trademark character of ‘Gopi’ in ‘One Cut Two Cut’. Commenting on the actor’s portrayal, the Director said, “You don’t see Danish when he is playing a character and that’s what is fantastic about him.”

“With Gopi, Danish just makes it an extremely loving, cute, innocent character and Gopi happens to be caught in a very weird situation. These guys have taken the school hostage and it’s Gopi’s first day at school. Danish has got into the skin of the character and has done a fantastic job”, Vamsidhar concludes.

Directed by Vamsidhar Bhogaraju, and produced by Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar and Gurudatha Talwar under PRK banner, ‘One Cut Two Cut’ is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on February 3.




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