Discos, nightclubs reopen in Italy after over a year


After over a year of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, discos and nightclubs in Italy have reopened, following a specific decree by the country’s cabinet.

Discos and nightclubs have remained shut since the first lockdown in Italy declared in spring 2020, and Monday’s reopening would mark the country’s latest step to bring back life to normal in terms of leisure activities, reports Xinhua news agency.

The move was authorised by a specific decree unanimously passed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s cabinet on October 7, which also loosened anti-pandemic rules for other cultural and sports venues further.

More specifically, discos and nightclubs will now be allowed to operate to 50 per cent of their capacity indoors, and to 75 per cent outdoors, according to the decree.

Theatresand cinemas will start operating at full capacity, after having been allowed to fill up to 50 per cent of their seats since summer.

Sports venues including stadiums can now operate to 60 per cent indoors and to 75 per cent outdoors.

All new rules will apply to the so-called “white-zone” areas, those where the virus circulation is the lowest, and the related anti-Covid restrictions the fewest.

Since October 9, the whole country has been in the white zone, and considered at low risk of infection by the Health Ministry.

Only people holding their Green Pass, the certificate showing the holder has been vaccinated, tested negative within the past 48 hours, or recovered from Covid-19 , will be admitted to any of the above mentioned venues.

To ensure better safety, all discos and clubs will be required to have ventilation systems not using air re-circulation in their indoor areas.