Disha Thakur talks about playing Chandni in ‘Main Monica’

Disha Thakur, who is known for “Three Auspicious Hours”, “Out of Love”, and “Evening Shadows”, is currently part of the new web series “Main Monica”.

The actor, who will play the role of Chandni, feels her career is going through a great phase with “Main Monica’ coming her way immediately after her last series “Garmi”.

Talking about working on the series, its title, and how she prepared for her role, she says: “This story is all about the excitement and fun that the characters in the show go through. As far as the uniqueness of the title is concerned, Monica has a seductive and playful sound to it and it gets even better when the character charmingly declares what becoming Monica is all about.”

Explaining the kind of character Chandni is, Disha says that she fell in love with the name in the first place.

“I loved how there are so many songs already dedicated to Chandni in Bollywood and somehow it just made Chandni more endearing to me. My character is a struggling actress in Mumbai, who dances at a bar to make ends meet. She comes from a village in Maharashtra but has made Mumbai her home.”

“Although she faces the struggles of living in the city and making her dreams come true, there is a lot of grit and spunk in her. I relate to her spirit of not giving in to troubles. Her life takes a turn when she meets Rajveer and falls for him. I loved playing this role and it will always be super special to me,” she said.

About the kind of prep that went into playing this role, Disha adds: “Honestly, I came on board about two days before the shoot began, so I didn’t have any time to prepare the way I would have wanted to. I did my own bit by first watching whatever movies I could. The director Vishwajoy and the writers of the show did guide me a lot. And when the writing is fun, it’s easier to work with the character. I feel, it sort of just kept happening with each scene, and I had a great time.”




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