Dissnt in SP ranks over tickets to ‘outsiders’

The preference being given to ‘outsiders’ in the Rajya Sabha polls and now Vidhan Parishad, is leading to increasing dissent in the ranks of the Samajwadi Party.

In Rajya Sabha, the party gave two of the three tickets to ‘outsiders’ —- Kapil Sibal, an independent, and Jayant Chaudhary, RLD.

In Vidhan Parishad, Swami Prasad Maurya, who joined SP just before elections, has been nominated for the Vidhan Parishad.

Zasmir Ansari, who also came in from BSP, is another candidate named by the SP.

The remaining two are Shahnawaz Khan and Mukul Yadav, son of former MLA Sobharan Yadav who had left his Karhal seat for Akhilesh Yadav.

Shahnawaz Khan and Zasmir Ansari are known for their proximity to Mohd Azam Khan.

A section of the party is upset that veterans like Ram Govind Chaudhary and Arvind Singh Gope who recently lost the assembly elections, should have been sent to the upper house.

“These leaders have spent all their years in SP and deserve recognition for their services. It now seems that loyalty in the party has lost its meaning and it is only turncoats who will walk away with the cream,” said a party MLA.

Reoti Raman Singh, one of the senior-most party leaders and sitting Rajya Sabha MP, has also been denied a Rajya Sabha ticket by Akhilesh Yadav.

Singh said, “My performance as an SP MP in Rajya Sabha was commendable and I earned appreciation from the Chair too. I don’t understand why I was denied the ticket. This has led to dissatisfaction among the party cadres.”

He further said, “I am witnessing that over a period of time, SP is not the same party that we built by our hard work. Mulayam was the leader who always took everyone along with him. But things have changed now, and we seniors are being side-lined.”

Singh’s representative and district vice-president Vijay Vaish has already resigned from the party’s membership along with the post. He has also left the membership of Lohia Trust.




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