‘Divine’ lady who helped distraught woman at Kerala temple identified

Cashew plantation worker Subadra was left distraught when she lost some precious articles while visiting her favourite temple at Pattazhi, near the Kerala capital, during a local festival.

After offering her prayers, she noticed that her 2 sovereign gold chain and mangalsutra had gone missing.

The hapless Subadra started wailing and crying that her life’s savings had gone.

But soon, a woman came to her and not only consoled her, but removed two of her own bangles and gave them to her, saying that she could sell them and buy a new necklace and a mangalsutra for herself.

Subadra could not believe what had happening and before realisation could sink in, her mysterious benefactress disappeared.

As news of the “miracle” spread and while Subadra believed that it was a divine intervention, she really wished to see this generous woman once more.

This kicked off a hunt for the benefactress with a dozen TV channels taking it up and help came from the temple authorities when they decided to have a look into the CCTV visuals of the day and on Tuesday, one Malayalam news TV channel was successful when the woman was identified as Sree Latha, a widowed woman from Alappuzha.

However, Sree Latha needed much persuasion before she talked about what she did and sought to downplay her generosity.

“I don’t think what I did was something great. When I saw a person in grief, I decided to help her and that was it and nothing beyond needs to be said of it,” said Sree Latha who has problem with her eyesight and visited the temple along with her relative, when she extended a helping hand.

Meanwhile Subadra, who had promised that if she gets her necklace back, she will gift to the temple deity, kept her promise.

She sold the two bangles and used the money to make a new gold chain and after removing the mangalsutra, gifted the new gold chain to the temple.

“I was wishing to know who this helpful woman is. Now that she has surfaced, I really want to personally meet her and wish this will also happen,” said a pleased Subadra, who admitted that even though the person has been identified, she wished to believe it was her favourite deity which came and gave it to her.




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