Diving into the unknown with Kriti Bisaria

New York-based photographer, Kriti Bisaria presented her new work – ‘The Plunge’ at Art Magnum, New Delhi recently.

An Indian-born photographer and director, whose images are inspired by the colours of the natural world and the serene movement of water across a landscape, she has travelled all over the world seeking out varied experiences in cultures, fashion, art, literature and adventure sports.

Kriti’s work invites the viewers to journey with her on the emotional experience of diving while experiencing her imagination where colours exist in a hyper real state-intense and vivid. Flashes of red, white and metal cut across calm, murky deep blues and pinks and remind us of the feeling of being born again.

The artist says: “The most fascinating thing about underwater photography is how things move in the water. It’s surreal. I seek fluid motions in my work, and I find water an easy medium to achieve that movement and dreamlike effect that I want in my pictures. It’s beautiful!”

Diving presents a rollercoaster of emotion; fear before the dive, exhilaration during the dive followed by adrenaline as one’s body touches the water and a sense of calm as one swims further into the deep blue depths of an ocean. Kriti asks: “What happens when we dive into the unknown? When we shed fear, mistrust, and the grind of daily life and allow ourselves the freedom and grace to become rejuvenated and empowered by the experience?”

While fashion shoots require much preparation, the photographer describes shooting fashion underwater as another ‘beast’. “Underwater modelling is incredibly difficult and there are only handful of models that can do this kind of shoot. Kriti typically practices poses with the models before then get in the water and will have them do the same pose repeatedly until she gets the shot.”

She is currently the Director of Photography for a major fashion brand in NYC and is a certified scuba diver who trained in the Pacific Ocean in California.




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