Divyenndu Sharma: Having just a voice as a co-actor is unique experience

Actor Divyenndu Sharma who is appearing in a short film titled ‘1800 Life’ says acting in a whole film solo, and having just a voice as a co-actor reminded him of his theatre days and a one-act play.

Sharing his experience of shooting the film, in conversation with IANS, Divyenndu said, “Having a voice as a co-actor is a unique experience for me. It was reminding me of how we used to do one-act plays in our theatre days. But on-screen, in front of the camera, not having any other actor with me was a little weird and challenging. You know, in front of the camera, an actor is always lonely.

“But in this film, it was more so…making the audience stick with me for long, the camera is constantly watching you, quite tough for a performer. But I would still say, it was interesting and bizzare at the same time.”

The story of the film highlights the effect of artificial intelligence in the life of a young standup comedian Vishal and how the situation put him in trouble when he decides to commit suicide.

While the use of AI is a reality in everyone’s life these days, finding the balance of using technology – is what the actor pointed out.

“I think technology is a necessary evil now that we cannot really live without. But it is also about how much we allow it to know about us, how much information we are putting out there. We tend to share a lot on social media and then that might just backfire on us. Through AI one could get to know so much about us that at times it is even spooky! In fact, that is something even our film is also trying to address. So yes, we really have to be mindful when we are using AI,” said Divyenndu.

Directed by Manaavi Bedi, produced by Guneet Monga, the film ‘1800 Life’ is released on Amazon miniTV.




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