DIY Korean beauty products for that flawless skin

The Korean wave has taken over the world. K-Pop, K-drama and K-Movies are all the rage across the globe these days.

But even before all this storm raged in, the beauty industry was always raving about all things Korean. Koreans are known for their silky smooth “glass” skin and their beauty products are sought over by all.

Glass skin can be entirely attributed to the Korean beauty industry. While this is an exaggerated term, glass skin is simply an easy way to say that the skin is so clean, without blemishes and seems so glowy that it looks like it is made of glass.

Another much less talked about facet of Korean beauty is the use of home remedies. Much like India, Koreans too are big believers in home made DIYs for skin care. Adopting some of these Korean beauty hacks can help you also achieve luminous skin.

Fermented Rice water mist

Rice as most know, is a staple in Asian cuisine, especially Korean. However, in Korea and in China, fermented rice is also an important element when it comes to skincare. Rice water is believed to reduce the damage caused by UV rays and it also promotes healthy collagen production and helps prevent wrinkles.

How to make it: Boil rice, strain and save the water. Leave it to cool then pour in a spray bottle. Some also prefer to skip boiling and only use soaked rice water instead. Both are equally good for the skin. Allow the water to ferment for 2-3 days and then use it as a face spray in the night before going to bed and in the morning after a shower.

Aloe Vera and Rice flour mask

Rice Flour is an anti-inflammatory substance that helps prevent ageing and naturally brightens the skin. It is also a good exfoliant. Aloe Vera, on the other hand, needs no introduction – it can moisturise, brighten the skin and reduce acne and blemishes.

How to make it: Mix together 3 tablespoons of fine rice powder and 2 tablespoons of Aloe vera pulp. Add some cold water in equal quantity to make a loose runny mix. With a brush apply this generously to the face and neck and let it dry (usually takes an hour). Then clean it with cold water. This DIY mask is a quick fix to bright skin. For best results, use once a week.

Lemon Strawberry Mask

Lemon as we all know is a rich source of Vitamin C and is effective for brightening skin and preventing premature ageing. Strawberry is a powerful astringent so it is a rich anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory which can treat acne, and can protect skin from UV rays. It also helps exfoliate dead skin cells.

How to make it: Mix together 2 drops of lemon juice with 4-5 mashed strawberries along with a couple of tablespoons of fresh yogurt. Then apply mask to your face and neck and keep it on for 30 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. For best results, do this twice a week.

Green Tea Rinse

Green Tea is well known for its anti-cancer properties. Green tea is also good for reducing wrinkles, is a natural moisturiser and can help prevent acne.

How to make it: For the green tea facial, fill one cup of water with half teaspoon of green tea. Boil it and let it cool before using it as a final rinse after you wash your face. Green tea rinse will help rid the skin of pimples and avoid breakouts. It also helps to successfully detoxify the skin. Using it twice a day will bring about effective results.



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