Do not hesitate to come and speak with us, AIBA chief to boxers


International Boxing Association (AIBA) president Umar Kremlev on Wednesday met with pugilists participating in the Men’s World Championships here. The meeting became a highlight of the president’s legacy program aimed to give the boxers the opportunity to be heard.

The participants held a training altogether with Kremlev, AIBA secretary general, two-time World champion Istvan Kovacs, World Champion Egor Mekhontsev and AIBA Ambassadors including professional boxing champion Roy Jones Jr, two-time World champion Roberto Cammarelle and German boxer Zeina Nassar.

“Our boxers should have a voice which must be heard because we are here to serve our sport. Were it not for the athletes, boxing would never exist. I call on every boxer: do not hesitate to come and speak with us. We are here for you,” the president said in a statement.

Since Kremlev has become AIBA chief in December 2020, he held many in-person meetings with athletes and coaches in various countries.