‘Do some more research’, Delhi HC on PIL against politicians holding govt posts

The Delhi High Court on Friday deferred a PIL to do away with members of political parties holding positions as public servants in various government posts.

“Do some more research… There are better issues for filing PIL. People not getting treatment, people not getting jobs,” said a division bench comprising Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Subramonium Prasad.

It adjourned the matter for January 17 next year.

In the plea, advocate Sonali Tiwary contended that the “principle of political neutrality of public servants” prohibits them from taking part in political activities but there is “non-conformance to the above principle”, which is not only causing huge losses to the public exchequer, but also propagating the beliefs of the political parties.

“It is submitted that such actions of the public servants will erode the public’s trust in the public functionaries as public servants need to showcase a certain sense of neutrality in their actions and not act as mouthpieces of political parties.

“The political affiliation of a public servant would result in rampant misuse of a public office for the political gains of the public servant in office and for the undue benefit of the political party which has appointed him.

“The petitioner prays that this Hon’ble court may issue a writ of mandamus or any other order or direction to the respondents to remove the persons from their posts who have acted or are continuing to act in wilful ignorance of the principle of neutrality and holding any official position in a political party while being a public servant,” the plea added.




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