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Does Premier Ford want to be PM Ford someday?


While taking questions as part of his daily COVID-19 briefing Saturday, Ford was referred to as ‘prime minister’ by French-language CBC reporter Camille Feireisen.
“Hello, my question is for Prime Minister Ford … ,” said Feireisen, before she was cut off by the premier.
“Not yet,” said Ford. “You just called me prime minister and I said ‘not yet.’”
Ford listened to the rest of Feireisen’s question, which was about emergency funding for Ontario transit services during the pandemic, with a satisfied smile on his face. His response also seemed to inspire a grin out of cabinet ministers Christine Elliott and Jeff Yurek, who were standing behind him.
While Ford was quick to respond, Feireisen’s mislabelling might have been a case of mistranslation rather than an actual mistake. In French, ‘Ontario premier’ becomes “premier ministre de l’Ontario.”
This isn’t the premier’s first viral moment during the pandemic. Ford’s been front and centre with provincial updates on emergency measures to fight COVID-19, and he isn’t afraid to give his straight opinion on things.
In the past weeks Premier Ford has received critical acclaim for his handling of the pandemic crisis. His daily briefings have drawn positive comments from even his critics. Perhaps then, he could be a potential PM like the other Premier, Alberta’s Jason Kenney.

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