Does your life actually flash before your eyes when you die?

A new study published in the Journal ‘Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience’, suggests that in the moments before death and a few seconds afterwards, a person’s brainwave patterns are similar to the patterns of person immersed in memories or dreaming in sleep.

This new scientific study, which has been led by a team based in Canada suggests that a person’s life may actually flash before their eyes when dying.

The conclusions of the study were published in the ‘Frontiers of Aging Neuroscience and they seem to be addressing a hot debate topic in the neuro circles – Are we really remembering our life as we die?

The study and its resultant conclusion came to be when the team of scientists was measuring the brain-waves of an 87-year old who was epileptic. However, the patient unexpectedly died of a massive heart attack in the middle of his neurological recording.

While it’s tragic that a subject died mid-recording, this gave the scientist an actual neural recording of a dying brain.

According to the recording – the 30 seconds before and after the death of the patient, his brain waves had the same patters as that of a person who was recalling memories or dreaming.

Dr. Ajmal Zenmar, who was a co-author of this research and is also a neurosurgeon told BBC, “Thirty seconds before the patient’s heart stopped supplying blood to the brain, his brainwaves followed the same patterns as when we carry out high-cognitive demanding tasks, like concentrating, dreaming or recalling memories.”

He also added that even after the patient flat-lined for 30 seconds the same pattern continued. He said that typically once the heart stops beating, the patient is declared dead, and at this point we can assume it was a last recall of past memories, like a replay of moments of a person’s like that flash through  their brain when they die.

He was however quick to add a disclaimer stating that from this study alone we cannot draw firm conclusions. In this case, the patient was epileptic and his brain was swollen and bleeding so all those factors must also be taken into account.

That said, this study confirms the premise everyone has been made to believe from countless movies and TV shows – that your life will flash before your eyes when you die!



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