Donkey fair in UP called off due to Covid protocol violation

The annual ‘Gardhabh Mela’ (donkey fair) near the Kada Dham area here has been stopped by the district administration, following lack of permission and violation of Covid-19 protocol.

The two-day donkey fair was called off on Sunday evening, hours after it began in the morning, said Additional Superintendent of Police, Kaushambhi, Samar Bahadur.

Organised near the Sheetla Dham, Kada area, the fair showcased around 1,000 donkeys of different breeds and pedigrees that were brought from different parts of the country for sale and purchase.

The unique feature of this fair is that the donkeys are decorated with colours and richly fed food before they are put on display for sale.

People of ‘Dhobi’ and ‘Panda’ clan jointly organize the fair in several acres of land near the dham in the ‘Chaitra’ month. The people of these two clans also indulge in match-making during this fair.

It is commonly believed that donkeys, which are symbolized as Goddess’s mount, are fed delicacies and decorated before being displayed for sale.