Don’t complain about fuel prices, buy e-vehicles instead: Goa Minister

Instead of complaining about rising fuel prices, people should purchase e-bikes and electric cars, Goa’s Law and Judiciary Minister Nilesh Cabral said on Wednesday.

Cabral also said that at least Indians are fortunate that “we can buy petrol and diesel, unlike the residents of Sri Lanka which is facing bankruptcy”.

“Look at what is happening today. At least we get petrol and diesel, look at what is happening in Sri Lanka. We have to understand what the situation is. I also feel petrol should be priced at Rs 50. But it cannot happen practically,” Cabral told reporters, when asked to comment on rising fuel prices.

In Goa, petrol is available at around Rs 106 per litre.

“So we have to make a change in ourselves. I will advise people to buy electrical vehicles and start moving around with them so that you can save your money and save your environment also. They say prices have increased and yet they buy petrol. They must be in a position to buy an (e)-bike,” Cabral told reporters at the BJP state headquarters in Panaji.

“If it (Petrol) is only 100 rupees (per litre), then why are you scared of buying it (at the price),” he also said.

Cabral further said that the state government already had a scheme in place for subsidised purchase of electric vehicles.

“Use electrical bikes and cars. The government is giving subsidy. You will do two things. You will save environment of pollution by petrol and diesel vehicles. And (money in) your pocket will also be saved,” Cabral said.




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