Don’t relegate comedy films to second class: Ravi Mariya

Actor Ravi Mariya, who is known for playing comedy roles as much as he is known for playing villain roles, has urged the media not to accord second-class treatment to comedy films.

Participating in an event organised by the unit of director Sumanth Radhakrishnan’s ‘Hostel’, actor Ravi Mariya lamented that the media was according second class status to comedy films.

“‘Hostel’ is an exceptionally funny film. You cannot move without laughing for four scenes in this film. However, you will still write in your reviews that ‘Despite the film having several comedians like Ravi Mariya, Satish, the film does not come across as being funny.’ However, if you go to the theatres and see, you will see that the common people will be cheering and clapping for several scenes.”

To put across his point, he cited the case of his recently released film ‘Idiot’.

“Audiences enjoyed the comedy in ‘Idiot’ so much that the theatres reverberated with the sound of clapping. I sat and watched four shows of that film in theatres. I couldn’t hear the dialogues in the second half because of the clapping. But some mediapersons said that the film was not funny at all.”

Stating that there was a syndicate to promote good films, Ravi Mariya said that big directors came together to promote and appreciate a good film. But when a comedy film was made, the directors here itself were not ready to support it or celebrate it and that was what was painful, he said.

“When we are in sorrow, we look for friends who can cheer us up and call them up first. However, when we make comedy films, they are accorded second class status. Your reviews don’t seem to accord the importance they deserve. Please consider the fact that comedy films help relieve people of stress and understand that these comedy films too are required for society. Please appreciate good comedy films and not relegate them to second class status,” he said.




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