Don’t reveal caste during interview, Delhi Minister urges UPSC


Delhi Social Welfare Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam on Friday urged the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) that the interview board should not be made aware about the caste of candidates before it.

His suggestion came amid allegations of caste-based discrimination in UPSC interviews.

In his letter to UPSC Chairman Pradeep Kumar Joshi, Gautam said interviewees should be chosen randomly, instead of “clubbing reserved and general category candidates separately”.

“Many candidates have alleged that there is a systematic discrimination in awarding the marks of interview to reserved category candidates.

“Further, they have suggested that the possibility of this discrimination can be eliminated if the interview board members are not made aware of the caste of the candidate and the interviewees are chosen randomly instead of clubbing reserved and general category candidates separately,” Gautam said in his letter.

“I believe these suggestions have merit and can easily be acted upon by the UPSC. Such action will ensure a level playing field in the interview for all candidates,” he said.

The minister also asked the UPSC to apprise him about the action taken to prevent discrimination against reserved category candidates during the interview process.