Doorstep diesel delivery picks up pace in Rajasthan

Doorstep diesel delivery is a new revolution in the field of energy distribution in Rajasthan which is easing the lives of the end-consumers without the hassles of diesel procurement.

Four fuel entrepreneurs are bringing change in the fuel industry in Rajasthan with this door-to-door delivery model which includes Bikaner-based Hiralal Bhattar Petroleum.

It has started the facility of doorstep diesel delivery through their mobile petrol pumps. This new fuel startup is run by Surendra Bhatter, who owns a Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) retail outlet.

“While having discussion with BPCL officials, they gave me the information so I thought this should be done for the welfare of the society,” Surendra said.

Barmer-based Shree Mahadev Petroleum has also started the facility of doorstep diesel delivery. The startup is run by Mahendra Kumar, who is in the fuel business since 2011 and is also a dentist by profession. His father is a cooperative bank manager. They have recently acquired a mobile fuel pump and will deliver within a 40 km radius.

“There is a gas terminal near my petrol pump and so I saw a constant demand for diesel and thought of delivering it at people’s doorstep and to other bulk consumers, too,” said Mahendra Kumar.

Pali-based Manish Kishan Filling Station has also started the facility of doorstep diesel delivery. Manish Kishan Filling Station is run by Manish Choudhary who owns a Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) outlet. He has recently acquired a Mobile Fuel Pump — which will go around Pali to meet the demand for diesel by various end-users at their doorstep. They have successfully met the diesel demands of the many textile and mining industries situated near his delivery area.

“I was searching for a solution regarding this issue when I came in contact with Tata-Repos Energy. They had developed a new fuel delivery system and I was impressed with the technology they were using. I did my research and bought Repos Energy’s Bowser (Doorstep Diesel Delivery System) in 2019. This type of system is very innovative and helps to resolve a genuine problem faced by industries,” said Manish Choudhary.

M/s Sirohi Petroleum has started the facility of doorstep diesel delivery through their mobile petrol pumps in Nagaur. This fuel startup is run by Akhil Sirohi, who is into this business since 2010 and started doorstep diesel delivery from April 17, 2021 by partnering with his cousin brother Ashok Sirohi. He belongs from a family of Nagaur who have been in mining and quick lime industry for the last 40 years.

“Every business needs to change with time. And we want to take the first mover advantage of introducing door-to-door diesel delivery services in our area,” Akhil Sirohi said.

Doorstep diesel delivery is approved by the government and is a new-age concept of effective distribution of diesel. It allows fuel startups to maintain quality and create availability of fuel for the consumers. It will hugely benefit the agricultural sector, hospitals, housing societies, heavy machinery facilities, mobile towers, etc.

Earlier, the bulk consumers of diesel had to procure it from retail outlets in barrels which used to cause a lot of spillage and dead mileage in energy procurement. Efficient energy distribution infrastructure was lacking. Doorstep diesel delivery will solve many such problems and will provide diesel to bulk consumers in a legal manner.